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How It Works

Step 1. Create A Content Calendar

We sit down with our clients and create a content and event calendar based on your existing plans and activities.

Step 2. Develop Tasks & Volunteer Events

Over the past several years we have developed tasks that drive engagement and results.  Our account managers will use our best practice guidelines to help develop a series of tasks and volunteer events that will get your most passionate fans involved.

Step 3. Build Your Reward Offers

Having Rewards is an element of our platform that sets us apart from other engagement platforms and we have reward partners that can offer your community the motivation to complete your tasks. We will work with you to help choose the right rewards that work for your fan-base. We have out of the box solutions or you can have a custom set of rewards.

Step 4. Communication with your Community

Communication with your community will increase the effectiveness of your efforts, and individuals and groups will appreciate your messages.  Because of our experience in the media industry we know that using our news section, video platform and social channels will increase your exposure.

How It Works

Our team members have been mobilizing fans of bands, organizations and retail companies for over 15 years, and with every community we have launched we have learned.

We have learned that the power of a highly aligned community, focused on one purpose and energized with the passion of the mission can achieve some amazing things.

We have partnered with the best in class technology to bring to our clients the ability to connect, engage and motivate the most passionate advocates for organizations.

Leveraging this technology, while aligning your vision and objectives with the mission of a great cause, can drive ENGAGEMENT (not just awareness) of your community, as they perform valuable tasks and/or volunteer at events. Or you can simply post great articles and pictures on the platform, and your engaged community can help you exponentially expand the reach of your messages.