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Brand Advocacy Customer Stories

Building a strategy for social marketing success

We have over 20 years of experience of working with brands and their most passionate fans.  We have evolved throughout this time and we have improved our technology, our methodology and our approach to maximizing the outcomes from these valuable connections.  Here are a few customer stories that showcase some of the results we have seen from our campaigns.

Fitness Client: Our client launched the their fan community in early 2013 to capitalize on the passion of their members and incentivize them to advocate on behalf of the brand. A real life example of the power of word of mouth marketing, their community was the perfect place for health and fitness-minded fans to connect, interact, and earn exclusive fitness gear!

Casual Dining: For the past few years, our restaurant client has used our platform as a sweepstake engine for their annual Health promotion. Contestants complete daily social media challenges which increase brand visibility while simultaneously competing to lose the most weight and take healthy steps to improve their lifestyles.

Music Artist : Our client wanted to mobilize their fanbase to help promote their new album release.  They turned to our platform to create a community of their “SuperFans” to help spread the word, and promote events leading up the release date.  The campaign created a significant increase in “recommendations which led to a huge return on investment. 

“Leverage your customer base to help great causes by driving connections and actions on behalf of your brand.”